Sunday, July 26, 2015

My Dreamy Trip West

Falling in love with BC...

I'd say it's impossible not to. 

I'm living in a dream. From the moment I received the email asking if I wanted to join, to actually saying yes on the Aries new moon, to flying over Canada in tears.

Here in this beautiful place, learning my heart's work with people who are sensitive and passionate. 

Art therapy opens the door to a whole new chapter of my life. 

The pull was always there, but the fear slowed my pace. 

Make space for the pull. 

Imagine the impossible. 

Ask for help.


One week left to soak it all up. 

The rain is falling outside my window. I'm two tea cups deep. My beach plans might be thwarted. 

I'm ridiculously grateful.  

These trees are considered small.

Overlooking English Bay
Walking to Sally Ann and enjoying the scenery.

Community garden over the rail tracks.

Vanier Park overlooking English Bay
Trees and trees and more trees.

At the top of the Rose Garden UBC.

The Rose Garden at UBC.
Jericho Beach during the folk festival.

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